Redefining staffing into comprehensive employee management discipline

CurveIT Consulting has been established with a prime objective of rendering staffing and recruitment services to Clients. The initial emphasis was primarily laid on understanding clients’ job requirements and headhunting right resources that could produce best results for the Clients.

With strong belief in continuous improvement, CurveIT commissioned a team of experts to analyze current staffing practice and ways to improve the business process of staffing. Thanks to the analysis, reports were amazing, recommendations were path breaking and results were rewarding.

CurveIT Consulting boosted the existing staffing team into a comprehensive and fully fledged talent management team. Major responsibility of the team was to find right human resource for a Client, sharpen his/her skills based on Client’s expectations, provide extensive training by subject matter expert, conduct preliminary test (verbal and written) before being submitted to the Client.

This initiative proved to be very efficient thus saving remarkable time, effort from Client’s perspective and encouraged the recruit to perform better than expected.

In addition, CurveIT Consulting took up comprehensive employee management imitative where the role doesn’t start or stop with recruitment. The entire employee management life cycle involves  job specification management, skill matrix identification, cold calling, technical screening, behavioural screening, managerial screening, resume presentation, interview management, aptitude test, background check, education verification, job-offer management, job orientation, payroll administration, human resource management, grievance handling, checkpoint meetings, feedback management, employee retention and exit interviews.