Paving new paths in job search and career management industry

CurveIT Consulting not only paved a path breaking technique of staffing by introducing training component into recruitment, but also initiated a dynamic knowledge management division dedicated to prepare industry ready human resources by connecting technical skills of job seekers and expected technical expertise of the industry.

Thanks to academia, universities and authorized training institutes, there is no dearth of expert human resources in the market. So technically, every job opening should be filled with an expert candidate within limited time; but that doesn’t always happen due to various reasons like lack of relevant experience, ambiguity in job requirements and expectations, variation in jargon, processes, procedures of work, work culture and many more.

Staffing is complete only when the resource that is recruited in the job opportunity surpasses all expectations and helps Organization reach goals under planned time and budget. To achieve this, the staffing company must go an extra mile in training the resource that was identified through various head hunting techniques.

CurveIT’s knowledge management division designed a foolproof and comprehensive training program for potential consultants. The objective of the intensive training program is to provide relevant knowledge, experience through classroom training, assignments, lab projects, soft skills training, communication and inter-personal skills workshops, quizzes and certification programs.

Resources thus trained and enhanced would be submitted to Clients who raise new job opportunities. Currently the intensive knowledge management programs have been set up for the fields of project management, business analysis and software testing.